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2017 Team Leo Henry: Back for even MORE

Team Leo Henry

We are back!

Last year, Team Leo Henry won two awards- Biggest fundraising team and highest fundraising amount (I think.)

Leo Henry is very proud of his trophies and we are grateful for your past and continued support of a wonderful agency doing fabulous things

Please join us.

Caroline Daley
  • JDJulian Daley-Messick
  • CDClarissa Daley-Messick
  • CMChris Messick
  • RMRose Messick
Mark McComas
  • BMBridget McComas
  • PMPhilip McComas


raised of $2,000 goal

13 Walkers

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5. KWKatherine Wolf
6. SZSuzanne Ziegler
Go Team Leo Henry! Sorry we will miss the race this year but know you'll do great!